Why I wrote “The Runaway”

28 Jan

I firmly believe that each one of us has a path we are meant to follow. Now, that is not to say we are pre-ordained to be on a changeless path to the end. I believe that God has a mission, if you will, a plan for us. But we are free-willed beings that can choose or decide which way we want to go. That does not mean it will be a perfectly happy way by any means. There are always pitfalls and danger on any path. These are obstacles to hinder us to make us stronger or beat us down to a level where we either make the decision to grow and over come whatever challenges we face or we fail.

There were times in my life that I thought I could not overcome my obstacles, but in those low times I gained strength to do whatever was needed to survive. I think that during the time period before I began to write “The Runaway” I had reached a very low spot. My parents were gone, my baby birds had grown up and gone, business was at a stand still, and I looked at myself and my husband realizing we were growing old. We had become our parents – “Granddad and Grandmaw”. Oh My Gosh! When did that happen? I suddenly remembered my mother saying, “In my brain, I am still 16, but the rest of my body disagrees.”

I felt alone even when I had family and friends around. I can remember thinking “They just don’t understand the pain I am in and probably don’t care.” Which was unkind of me. Then, one day, as I sat thinking about the dirty dishes and piles of laundry, which as you all know will not wash themselves, I made the decision to put my wild stories on paper.

I wrote my first book and began the second which is “The Runaway”. I discovered that as I became involved with my story and characters, they took over and lead me into directions that I had never thought about. I have heard other authors say their “muse” took over and they went with it. I suppose we become our characters and in our minds and on paper we can become another person. I know that many people write from their personal experiences, and you have to in order to know how your main character will feel or react in any situation.

I enjoyed writing about a baby boomer coming of age. I wanted readers to relate to her ups and downs in life and be encouraged to meet life head on and enjoy the time and opportunities we have been given. I like to write about strong women and how they work out their problems with family, children, love and life.

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