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Higher Education

2 Mar

I must admit I have always worked toward that goal and encouraged others to do the same if at all possible.  I believe an educated society will be or should be a better place to live.  However, I want to pose some questions to you, the reader.  Have you ever heard the term of someone having good “horse sense or commonsense”?  I have met people who are well educated with a wealth of knowledge learned not only from books but from life.  I have also known others who could not pour rain water out of their boots.  I have learned in my lifetime that there are people who automatically know how to make things work and others like me who have to learn an ability, but thankfully, I was able to learn.

Which brings me to another question.  Have you ever heard of the School of Hard Knocks?  I sometimes say I graduated from there.  But truthfully, you never graduate with a diploma because you never ever quit experiencing events in life.  Right?

Do any of you know what I am talking about?  Would love to hear from you with some of your life experiences.

When I wrote “The Runaway” I pictured in my mind what would happen if I did such a thing.  Sometimes life makes you want to runaway and never look back.

Augusta Wright


The Runaway Excerpt — Boomer Lit Friday!

1 Mar


I believe that being part of a couple means fulfilling one another’s needs. I felt I was doing all the giving, but got no nurturing or understanding in return. I had made my choice and never expected pity; my life wasn’t terrible. Still, all I ever wanted was to be with someone who wanted to share the same interests, like reading, cooking, travel or just spending a lazy afternoon together.  Is that too much to ask for?

I‘m not sure I can ever have that relationship at this point in my life. I don’t want to be hurt or disappointed again. I’m not leaving here in search of another man—I’m leaving to find myself. I can be happy without the entanglements of a man. This is my time. This is my adventure into the unknown. So here I am leaving the security that I had ever known, for what? For many years I’ve felt a strange beckoning. I wasn’t sure what it was exactly, but the feeling has grown so strong that I can no longer ignore it