60’s are the Cat’s Meow

25 Apr

Everywhere I look there are news articles about baby boomer health issues. Are there really no other interesting topics for the media to discuss for people in our generation? Just because we are over the hill doesn’t mean we are two steps from the grave!

baby boomer health

We are healthier and are living longer than our parents and grandparents.  We have retired, for the most part, and are looking for fun and excitement.  At least, I am.

 baby boomer fun

I have heard that some people call women in their late forties and fifties, “Cougars”.  This is a term that is used to describe women who go after younger men.  Well, why wouldn’t you want to go after younger men?  They are delicious!  If you had your choice of a hard Popsicle or a soft bowl of ice cream on a hot summer day, which one would you pick?  Does age really matter if both parties like each other?

It has always been accepted for an older man to date or marry a much younger woman.  That phrase became known as a “May-December” relationship with everyone elbowing each other behind the couple’s back with smirks on their faces as if they knew what went on behind closed doors.  (Truth be known maybe nothing!)

However, it may surprise a number of people to know that a mature woman can be very sexually active a lot longer than a man…..unless the older man has been good about taking care of his health and is able to remain sexually active.  Of course, we can discuss the pros and cons all day long about who or what is correct, but it comes down to each individual’s likes and dislikes.  I have known some women who do not want anything to do with sex after their spouse has passed.  Then there are others who want to remain sexually active, but can’t find anyone her age that is able.  Hence, she will begin to look for young men!

I have coined a new phrase (at least I have not seen it out there) for women in their sixties and beyond, and that is “Mountain Lion”.  The mountain lion is a strong cat who takes care of itself and its lair.  I think a new term for us Baby Boomers would be appreciated.  We don’t want to be lumped into the “younger” group and not be recognized in our new status. We have our “bucket list” of to do’s and want items.  We have many varied interests from sky diving to riding motorcycles and everything else in between.

mountain lion

Is there anyone who will agree with me on this?  Would love to hear your comments.


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