9 Oct


Do you think I am talking about whiskers on a man, a catfish or a feline?  Well, I am not.  My attention has fallen on the silent hairs that mysteriously appear somewhere on your face literally overnight.  And of course, they appear the day you are rushing to go out into the world to make a grand entrance or first impression.  These silent saboteurs will grow long and stay hidden just waiting for the moment to be right for them to stand on end and wave at everyone—without your knowledge.   Only later in the evening when you are preparing for bed and removing your makeup do you discover those hideous dark whiskers around your lips or growing out from your chin making you look like a porcupine. 

Ugh! I hate them.  One day I was visiting with a classmate from high school.  She had been looking at me for sometime rather strangely.  Suddenly, she reaches over and pulls on one of those silent saboteurs that were still connected to my cheek.  I jumped back causing her to pull harder on it, and of course, it refused to come out.   My flaming red face said it all.  She apologized for her rudeness but could not resist pulling on it.  Has that ever happened to you? 

I have come to realize as I visit with other women of age that it is a common occurrence.  Fighting the plague of whiskers across the top of your lip or quills on your chin.  I have tweezed them only to discover that they are back in a few days.  Once I even went to a salon to have them waxed.  Big mistake!  The hot wax burned my upper lip and when the tape and wax was YANKED off, skin came off with it.  I really looked good for the next week until the upper layer of skin grew back on my lip.  Had to tell people I dropped my curling iron on my lip! 

So that was no longer an option.  One day quite by chance I over heard two ladies talking at a counter in Wal-Mart about their personal shaver.  What?  Personal shaver?  I eased closer to see and listen in.  After they left the area, I moved over to the sales lady and asked to see the item.  It was a tiny battery operated shaver.  I liked what I saw and could hardly wait to get it home to try it out. 

Believe it or not, it works.  I had always been told that if you shave your face, you would have whiskers like a man.  Not so!  I have used this little darling for years and my face stays soft and smooth.  It is small and easy to use around your mouth and on your cheeks.  Only problem I have is when I forget to use it, and then of course, the silent saboteurs come back.   

So don’t be like the woman in this picture and use a man’s razor and shaving soap.  Too dangerous.    Do I have any others out there that have the same problems with those pesky whiskers?  




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