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9 Oct


Do you think I am talking about whiskers on a man, a catfish or a feline?  Well, I am not.  My attention has fallen on the silent hairs that mysteriously appear somewhere on your face literally overnight.  And of course, they appear the day you are rushing to go out into the world to make a grand entrance or first impression.  These silent saboteurs will grow long and stay hidden just waiting for the moment to be right for them to stand on end and wave at everyone—without your knowledge.   Only later in the evening when you are preparing for bed and removing your makeup do you discover those hideous dark whiskers around your lips or growing out from your chin making you look like a porcupine. 

Ugh! I hate them.  One day I was visiting with a classmate from high school.  She had been looking at me for sometime rather strangely.  Suddenly, she reaches over and pulls on one of those silent saboteurs that were still connected to my cheek.  I jumped back causing her to pull harder on it, and of course, it refused to come out.   My flaming red face said it all.  She apologized for her rudeness but could not resist pulling on it.  Has that ever happened to you? 

I have come to realize as I visit with other women of age that it is a common occurrence.  Fighting the plague of whiskers across the top of your lip or quills on your chin.  I have tweezed them only to discover that they are back in a few days.  Once I even went to a salon to have them waxed.  Big mistake!  The hot wax burned my upper lip and when the tape and wax was YANKED off, skin came off with it.  I really looked good for the next week until the upper layer of skin grew back on my lip.  Had to tell people I dropped my curling iron on my lip! 

So that was no longer an option.  One day quite by chance I over heard two ladies talking at a counter in Wal-Mart about their personal shaver.  What?  Personal shaver?  I eased closer to see and listen in.  After they left the area, I moved over to the sales lady and asked to see the item.  It was a tiny battery operated shaver.  I liked what I saw and could hardly wait to get it home to try it out. 

Believe it or not, it works.  I had always been told that if you shave your face, you would have whiskers like a man.  Not so!  I have used this little darling for years and my face stays soft and smooth.  It is small and easy to use around your mouth and on your cheeks.  Only problem I have is when I forget to use it, and then of course, the silent saboteurs come back.   

So don’t be like the woman in this picture and use a man’s razor and shaving soap.  Too dangerous.    Do I have any others out there that have the same problems with those pesky whiskers?  




New Beginnings

1 Oct

Hello everyone.  Sorry it has taken me a long time to get back to writing.  I decided to take the summer off for personal reasons (I was lazy??) and planned to begin again in September.  But that did not happen.

However, I am back and want to tell you about a wonderful person I have become acquainted with.  Her program is on blog/talk/radio.  She is a beautiful, mature and very intelligent woman with a beautiful name.  Her name is Pia Louise.  She invited me a number of months ago to be a guest speaker on her program “Living Portraits”.  I was pleased but felt that I was not as good as her other guests whom I had listened too.  But she insisted that I think about coming on the show.  I said I would think about it.

Many things have happened since that time.  During the summer months I did some traveling with family and also some trips alone.  I had many moments of self-doubt, which I overcame by working through my reasons for doubting.  I read books, and talked to people about their life experiences—whether good or bad.  I began to understand myself better which in turn helped me to begin to gain confidence in my abilities.  I think that we all go there from time to time and need someone or something to kick start us.  Or maybe just a good kick in the butt?

I accepted Pia Louise’s invitation to be a guest on her program, which was scheduled for today, October 1, 2013.  I am proud to say I did it with no hesitation—well maybe a little—but Pia is such a super host that I felt relaxed and just conversed with her, and did not think of all her listeners.  She wanted me to talk about how I came about writing my first book and I was happy to tell my story.  If you have any interest on hearing our interview please click on this link:

Pia’s guests are varied in their interests and topics.  She is always looking for more guests to interview and sponsors for her program.  If anyone would like to contact her about either, you may do so on the link above.

She has read my first book “The Runaway” and was so perceptive on my characters that I was amazed that someone would understand what I had written.  It reinforced my convictions to continue writing.  I have a second book in the series that will soon be coming out—I hope.  There are a few more hurdles to leap over, but I know I am on the right track.  Never give up your dreams!

Augusta Wright

October 1, 2013

License Renewal Part II

12 Jun

funny wedding cakes (4)

Since I posted the last “food for thought” on renewing marriage licenses, I have had a number of comments.  Some realized I was being funny, but others did not like the concept.  But, it truly could have a positive side, if you and your spouse were approaching the date of expiration on your marriage license.  There are many reasons to renew, i.e, children, home, pets.  Wouldn’t marriage grow and function better if both parties could sit down and work out the kinks?  You know that over time you have habits that irritate him, and he certainly knows how to ring your bell.  So, if you could discuss and even romance each other into renewing that special bond, the marriage could potentially have a better outlook. 

My point is this, people marry for many different reasons.   Some decide that they love each other very much, (at the time).  Perhaps it was a “shotgun wedding” with a baby on the way.  Perhaps a wild crazy weekend that got out of hand and you are left to pay for it the rest of your life.  Whatever the reason, it could come back at a later time and bite you in the butt.  If marriage licenses had an expiration date, both parties would be more inclined to work on making the marriage better so that their partner would not want to bail out making it a failure for both.   I have seen people many times no longer working on their marriage relationship because they know it is “forever”.  But is it? 

As we mature and grow older, we all change in appearance, health and even in our feelings for our spouses.  What do we do to rev up our lives and relationships?  That is a very good and personal question.  Can you truly answer it?

Would like to hear from some baby boomers on your experiences and thoughts along this line. 

Enjoy the life’s journey……


License Renewals

30 May

We all have something waiting to be renewed almost daily.  Our driver’s licenses are very important to all of us who drive or wish to continue to drive–legally.  But besides a driver’s license, there are many other licenses, or dues, we have to maintain like a concealed weapons license, dues at various clubs or organizations, insurance policies and we even have to renew our library cards.

renewalBut here is the question I want to ask,has anyone ever thought about renewing your marriage license?  Now wait a minute, before you go shouting at me, it seems that it is the only license we acquire that does not ever have to be renewed.  Why is that?  Have you ever thought about what your marriage would be like if your spouse knew that the renewal date was rapidly approaching and wondered whether you wanted to stay married to him/her – hoping that you would want to renew it for 5, 10, or more years?  What if, when you bought your first marriage license it could be renewed in 10 or 20 years—depending on what you had in mind?  Then, when the date was nearing expiration, you could either end it by not renewing or renew for another term.

Just think the number of divorces would drop because no one had to file for divorce.

Oh my goodness, the divorce lawyers would starve to death.  divorce

Any comments about this revelation?

Love, Augusta

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What Does Memorial Day Mean to Me?

20 May


Decoration Day or as we now know it by, Memorial Day, came into existence after the Civil War.  It was a time to honor the fallen soldiers from both the North and the South.  Since that time, the United States has participated in a number of conflicts or wars outside of our country.  We have lost both men and women serving in all branches of the military services.

My family members have serviced our country well.  I am proud of those that served and those who had to remain behind to take care of family.  When I was in my last year of high school, the time you believe that you are invincible, I flirted with the idea of joining the military.  I sometimes wonder where I would be and what I would be doing now if I had taken the plunge and joined.  I was so tempted by education, both in travels and the promised college degree.   But at the last minute, I realized that I would have to pass boot camp and that change my mind.  You see, I am not a tough gal.  I love my creature comforts and crawling around on the muddy ground on my belly or marching miles in hot combat boots just did not ring true to my image of what I wanted to do.  You can truly say I am a “weenie”.  I do not have a high tolerance for pain, so I knew that “Sargent Bull Dog” would eat me alive.  No thanks.

So I do what I can to support the troops.  Many times I have sent Christmas goodies, letters of encouragement, letters to Wounded Warriors and even financial support when able.

I consider myself to be very patriotic.  I am so proud to be an American, born and bred.  I place my hand over my heart whenever the flag passes, and I can sing the difficult national anthem song off key with everyone else.

We are truly blessed and have so much to be thankful for, because we live in a country that was founded on God and basic Christian values.  Therefore, we must always guard against those who would defeat us from within.  Praise our returning veterans and honor our fallen heroes is my plea for this 2013 Memorial Day.


May God continue to bless the Unites States of America.


Augusta Wright
May 2013





Mother’s Day 2013

9 May

Mother’s Day in May is a wonderful time for families to honor their mothers and grandmothers with phone calls, flowers, gifts, and gatherings.  The date picked has perfect timing to occur during early spring.  A time of renewal for Mother Earth, which is reflected in the role of motherhood.  Without our mothers we would not be here.

At this time I miss my mother the most because I am constantly reminded of the many things she taught my siblings and me.  My parents raised six children.  The first four were always referred to as the first family, because years later, my younger brother and I surprised them and became the second family.   We were born to older parents and it was difficult for them at times and for us.   But we survived.  Our siblings were grown and gone by the time we had any memory of them.

Actually, my oldest sister had married and had a baby boy 7 months after I was born.  As soon as my youngest brother came along, he was already an uncle.  To say we had a mixed up family would be putting it lightly.

However, Mother adjusted to being a new mother as well as a grandmother at the same time.  She loved us all and we knew it.  Of course, she was kind and loving, but a disciplinarian whenever we did not obey her.

We are blessed to have mothers who teach and guide their children in the ways of the Lord as well as the ways of life.  But Mothers can do only so much to teach children right from wrong.  Then it is up to the individual to accept it or not.  They will learn from their mistakes, just as we have done.

My children are now grown.   They are a great source of pleasure to me, but they make mistakes, which they have to pay for.  I pray that they learn from them.  But, as I tell my friends who grieve about their adult children, “remember we have no control over the actions of our adult children.”  They will always be our children and we love them, but they are now adults.

Whatever stage of Motherhood you are in, remember that once you assume the role of mother, you will always be a mother no matter how old your children become. Your role will always be mother to those you have loved and cared for.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day Everyone.


Augusta Wright


Changes & Strengths

30 Apr

I cannot believe it has been 50 years since I graduated from high school.  Wow!  That is not possible.  But alas, it is true.  As a young high school graduate, I was 17 years old, the youngest in my class, and I know now, very naive.  I was unable to get a job outside my small hometown, because large companies did not hire anyone who was not 18 years old.  I lived with my parents and worked odd jobs until I turned 18 in the fall.  I had been raised in a home that was very strict on the daughters, but not so on the sons.  The boys were allowed to go and do whatever they could get by with.  Can we say double standard here?

I was not allowed to date until I was sixteen.  I was constantly cautioned not to put myself in situations where I could get “in trouble”.  This included teen sex and teen pregnancy, which was a great fear to parents in those days.  I knew a number of girls who got “in trouble” and was sent away.  Returning later without a baby and claims of just visiting various family members.  If you got “in trouble”, you were forever labeled wayward or bad.  Good girls were not allowed to associate with them.  We were supposed to stay virgins until we married.  Our goal in life was to stay at home to be a wife and mother.  There were no encouraging words to go to work outside the home.  Amazing how times have changed???

I just could not see myself in that role before I had a chance to see what life was all about.  I left small town America and went to the big city.  I was able to get a great job with Southwestern Bell Telephone.  I learned how to be a city gal and I loved it.  I also began to see how times were changing and how attitudes were also.  Working women became the norm.  More divorces began to happen as women no longer accepted the roles they had been forced into.  We have graduated—with many struggles from women in the past who fought male suppression to keep us “pregnant and barefoot” in the home.  I heard that phrase a lot growing up and it really turned me off.  I am not a feminist, but I do like the freedoms we now enjoy because of many battles fought by other women from the past.

Barefoot & preggo

I have been a daughter, wife, mother and now grandmother.  I have learned that I have failed many times, but each time it strengthened me to grow into the person I am today.  It is said, “we learn from our failures”.  That is true. No one likes to fail.  But out of the ashes comes strength.  In my first book, The Runaway, I showed Linzie to be a strong woman who has endured life’s trials.  She knows that if she wants to accomplish more she has to get out and do it.  Trusting always in the Lord to lead her steps, she ventures from her comfort zone.  I hope that in reading her adventures, you will be encouraged to find your own adventures.  Never give up on your dreams!