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Mother’s Day 2013

9 May

Mother’s Day in May is a wonderful time for families to honor their mothers and grandmothers with phone calls, flowers, gifts, and gatherings.  The date picked has perfect timing to occur during early spring.  A time of renewal for Mother Earth, which is reflected in the role of motherhood.  Without our mothers we would not be here.

At this time I miss my mother the most because I am constantly reminded of the many things she taught my siblings and me.  My parents raised six children.  The first four were always referred to as the first family, because years later, my younger brother and I surprised them and became the second family.   We were born to older parents and it was difficult for them at times and for us.   But we survived.  Our siblings were grown and gone by the time we had any memory of them.

Actually, my oldest sister had married and had a baby boy 7 months after I was born.  As soon as my youngest brother came along, he was already an uncle.  To say we had a mixed up family would be putting it lightly.

However, Mother adjusted to being a new mother as well as a grandmother at the same time.  She loved us all and we knew it.  Of course, she was kind and loving, but a disciplinarian whenever we did not obey her.

We are blessed to have mothers who teach and guide their children in the ways of the Lord as well as the ways of life.  But Mothers can do only so much to teach children right from wrong.  Then it is up to the individual to accept it or not.  They will learn from their mistakes, just as we have done.

My children are now grown.   They are a great source of pleasure to me, but they make mistakes, which they have to pay for.  I pray that they learn from them.  But, as I tell my friends who grieve about their adult children, “remember we have no control over the actions of our adult children.”  They will always be our children and we love them, but they are now adults.

Whatever stage of Motherhood you are in, remember that once you assume the role of mother, you will always be a mother no matter how old your children become. Your role will always be mother to those you have loved and cared for.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day Everyone.


Augusta Wright