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License Renewal Part II

12 Jun

funny wedding cakes (4)

Since I posted the last “food for thought” on renewing marriage licenses, I have had a number of comments.  Some realized I was being funny, but others did not like the concept.  But, it truly could have a positive side, if you and your spouse were approaching the date of expiration on your marriage license.  There are many reasons to renew, i.e, children, home, pets.  Wouldn’t marriage grow and function better if both parties could sit down and work out the kinks?  You know that over time you have habits that irritate him, and he certainly knows how to ring your bell.  So, if you could discuss and even romance each other into renewing that special bond, the marriage could potentially have a better outlook. 

My point is this, people marry for many different reasons.   Some decide that they love each other very much, (at the time).  Perhaps it was a “shotgun wedding” with a baby on the way.  Perhaps a wild crazy weekend that got out of hand and you are left to pay for it the rest of your life.  Whatever the reason, it could come back at a later time and bite you in the butt.  If marriage licenses had an expiration date, both parties would be more inclined to work on making the marriage better so that their partner would not want to bail out making it a failure for both.   I have seen people many times no longer working on their marriage relationship because they know it is “forever”.  But is it? 

As we mature and grow older, we all change in appearance, health and even in our feelings for our spouses.  What do we do to rev up our lives and relationships?  That is a very good and personal question.  Can you truly answer it?

Would like to hear from some baby boomers on your experiences and thoughts along this line. 

Enjoy the life’s journey……