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License Renewals

30 May

We all have something waiting to be renewed almost daily.  Our driver’s licenses are very important to all of us who drive or wish to continue to drive–legally.  But besides a driver’s license, there are many other licenses, or dues, we have to maintain like a concealed weapons license, dues at various clubs or organizations, insurance policies and we even have to renew our library cards.

renewalBut here is the question I want to ask,has anyone ever thought about renewing your marriage license?  Now wait a minute, before you go shouting at me, it seems that it is the only license we acquire that does not ever have to be renewed.  Why is that?  Have you ever thought about what your marriage would be like if your spouse knew that the renewal date was rapidly approaching and wondered whether you wanted to stay married to him/her – hoping that you would want to renew it for 5, 10, or more years?  What if, when you bought your first marriage license it could be renewed in 10 or 20 years—depending on what you had in mind?  Then, when the date was nearing expiration, you could either end it by not renewing or renew for another term.

Just think the number of divorces would drop because no one had to file for divorce.

Oh my goodness, the divorce lawyers would starve to death.  divorce

Any comments about this revelation?

Love, Augusta

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