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Changes & Strengths

30 Apr

I cannot believe it has been 50 years since I graduated from high school.  Wow!  That is not possible.  But alas, it is true.  As a young high school graduate, I was 17 years old, the youngest in my class, and I know now, very naive.  I was unable to get a job outside my small hometown, because large companies did not hire anyone who was not 18 years old.  I lived with my parents and worked odd jobs until I turned 18 in the fall.  I had been raised in a home that was very strict on the daughters, but not so on the sons.  The boys were allowed to go and do whatever they could get by with.  Can we say double standard here?

I was not allowed to date until I was sixteen.  I was constantly cautioned not to put myself in situations where I could get “in trouble”.  This included teen sex and teen pregnancy, which was a great fear to parents in those days.  I knew a number of girls who got “in trouble” and was sent away.  Returning later without a baby and claims of just visiting various family members.  If you got “in trouble”, you were forever labeled wayward or bad.  Good girls were not allowed to associate with them.  We were supposed to stay virgins until we married.  Our goal in life was to stay at home to be a wife and mother.  There were no encouraging words to go to work outside the home.  Amazing how times have changed???

I just could not see myself in that role before I had a chance to see what life was all about.  I left small town America and went to the big city.  I was able to get a great job with Southwestern Bell Telephone.  I learned how to be a city gal and I loved it.  I also began to see how times were changing and how attitudes were also.  Working women became the norm.  More divorces began to happen as women no longer accepted the roles they had been forced into.  We have graduated—with many struggles from women in the past who fought male suppression to keep us “pregnant and barefoot” in the home.  I heard that phrase a lot growing up and it really turned me off.  I am not a feminist, but I do like the freedoms we now enjoy because of many battles fought by other women from the past.

Barefoot & preggo

I have been a daughter, wife, mother and now grandmother.  I have learned that I have failed many times, but each time it strengthened me to grow into the person I am today.  It is said, “we learn from our failures”.  That is true. No one likes to fail.  But out of the ashes comes strength.  In my first book, The Runaway, I showed Linzie to be a strong woman who has endured life’s trials.  She knows that if she wants to accomplish more she has to get out and do it.  Trusting always in the Lord to lead her steps, she ventures from her comfort zone.  I hope that in reading her adventures, you will be encouraged to find your own adventures.  Never give up on your dreams!