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What Does Memorial Day Mean to Me?

20 May


Decoration Day or as we now know it by, Memorial Day, came into existence after the Civil War.  It was a time to honor the fallen soldiers from both the North and the South.  Since that time, the United States has participated in a number of conflicts or wars outside of our country.  We have lost both men and women serving in all branches of the military services.

My family members have serviced our country well.  I am proud of those that served and those who had to remain behind to take care of family.  When I was in my last year of high school, the time you believe that you are invincible, I flirted with the idea of joining the military.  I sometimes wonder where I would be and what I would be doing now if I had taken the plunge and joined.  I was so tempted by education, both in travels and the promised college degree.   But at the last minute, I realized that I would have to pass boot camp and that change my mind.  You see, I am not a tough gal.  I love my creature comforts and crawling around on the muddy ground on my belly or marching miles in hot combat boots just did not ring true to my image of what I wanted to do.  You can truly say I am a “weenie”.  I do not have a high tolerance for pain, so I knew that “Sargent Bull Dog” would eat me alive.  No thanks.

So I do what I can to support the troops.  Many times I have sent Christmas goodies, letters of encouragement, letters to Wounded Warriors and even financial support when able.

I consider myself to be very patriotic.  I am so proud to be an American, born and bred.  I place my hand over my heart whenever the flag passes, and I can sing the difficult national anthem song off key with everyone else.

We are truly blessed and have so much to be thankful for, because we live in a country that was founded on God and basic Christian values.  Therefore, we must always guard against those who would defeat us from within.  Praise our returning veterans and honor our fallen heroes is my plea for this 2013 Memorial Day.


May God continue to bless the Unites States of America.


Augusta Wright
May 2013






Romance Central Book Feature – The Runaway by Augusta Wright

21 Jan

Romance Promo Central is happy to welcome Augusta Wright to the blog. She is here to share some information about her book, The Runaway. If this sound like something that you would be interested in reading, please find some links at the bottom of the post and pick up a copy.

Finally! A romance novel with a Real Woman!

Linzie Russell is not your typical fictional leading lady. She’s better. She represents the single empty-nester woman in a very sexy yarn.

Long a fan of the romance genre, Texas Hill Country authoress, Augusta Wright has picked up a pen and written the novel she has wanted to read. Heroine Linzie Russell has raised her daughters and been a devoted wife to her late husband. For the first time in her adult life, she is determined to live for herself.

Linzie fell in love with the Colorado Rockies years ago while on a family vacation. Now she imagines herself in a cabin at the foot of the Rockies where she can study the culture that fascinates her, the Ute Native American Tribe.  She finds the Estes Park cabin, a new girlfriend and a devoted animal companion—she also discovers other passions.

Little does she know the landlord of this dream-cabin is going to be the man who pursues her with the passion she has been missing all of her life.

Wright takes the reader on a cultural history lesson that tells the story of a forgotten tribe while showing her audience the beauty of the Southwestern wilderness, and the reignited desire of this normal woman who could be our next door neighbor.


Chapter 11

Jack Lassiter sat at his desk in his high-rise office building in New York City staring out the glass encased corner office at the activity on the East River, but seeing none of it.  He was deep in thought regarding the information he had been reading in the portfolio on his lap.  The private detective in Texas had sent full details and information on the life and times of Linzie Russell.  His conscious quipped him because he had not believed her and had had a report run on her.  Knowing that he had to be very careful with people he surrounded himself with, he had given over to having her checked out.  Now he felt bad because everything she had said about herself was true.  He could understand her better by knowing the hardships she had faced. Of course, he knew she would be furious with him for having done that.  He’d have to make sure that she never found out.  And he had been the one deceiving her.  She would be so angry with him when she discovered his deception of who he really was.  But in his defense he decided that it was always best to know who you can trust and who to be careful of.  He functioned in a very different world then where she came from.  She would be surprised to learn just who he was.  He smiled to himself when he thought of how she had come to Estes Park seeking to get away from all the stresses and demands of her life.  He used his times there in the much the same way.  He posed as a tribal game control officer so that he could come and go on Indian business as well as his own businesses and no questions asked.  It had worked very well for a long time until Linzie.  He was afraid to go back now because he would be too near her.  It was safer to put distance between them. But safer for whom, he wondered? His private secretary interrupted his musings, announcing over the intercom that Clayton McDonald had arrived for his appointment.  “Please show him in,” replied Jack eagerly.  He knew Clay always had a big oil deal to present him when he came to town.  He was always ready to work with Clay because down through the years he had made Jack a ton of money. Clayton McDonald came through the large double doors of Jack’s office.  He was tall, good looking, and wore a business suit with a Western flare, including a white Stetson hat and handmade leather cowboy boots.  First impressions spoke volumes where this well-dressed, good-looking man was concerned.  He was confident of his abilities to produce moneymaking oil deals, which showed in his manner and demeanor.  Men and women were drawn to him, because of his self-assurance.  He was an excellent salesman who knew his business and product. Jack came around his large dark cherry wood desk to shake Clayton’s hand.  “Good to see you again, Clay.  How have you been?”  Jack asked as he motioned for Clay to sit down in one of the dark leather chairs. “I’ve been very busy since the last time I was here in New York.  Business has been very good,” he replied with a big grin on his face.  “I really like your office location,” Clay said as he walked over and looked out the windows on the world down below.  “I have always wanted to open an office in New York and have my office space overlooking the East River just like this,” he reflected as he continued to view the blue sky and the river traffic. “If you ever decide to open an office, let me know and I will lease you some office space in this building,” Jack replied casually. Clay turned around quickly, shocked. “You own this building?” “Yes and a few others as well, you’ve made me lots of money, Clay.” “Yes, I have,” replied Clay thoughtfully. “When did you get in?” Jack questioned. “Since we last saw each other I’ve opened an office in Dallas so I flew from there this morning coming straight here.  I have appointments tomorrow with other possible investors, but wanted to see you first to discuss if you want in on this one.  It’s going to be big, I think,” Clay said as he warmed up to his favorite subject the oil business. “You know I want in. Tell me about it, but first where are you staying?” “I am staying at the Plaza.  I like the place and usually go there when I am in town,” answered Clay. “Great, I have a penthouse suite there and have been staying there myself since I came back a few weeks ago.  Why don’t we have dinner tonight, either there or any place you prefer?” asked Jack. “Sounds like a winner to me,” answered Clay.  “Now let’s get down to business.  Here are the plans for this new field I’ll be drilling. You can decide just how much you want to invest before I leave today. That way I’ll have a better idea when I meet with the other investors tomorrow how much more will be needed,” he said to Jack as he opened his briefcase that he had set on the desk and began to pull large sheets of papers containing maps, graphs and calculations. Just as they began to look at the maps, Jack’s cell phone rang.  It was Linzie calling.  He was surprised she was calling this time of day although she had never called him before so how would he know what time of day she called.  He laughed to himself.  He decided not to answer but then remembered he had not changed his voice message greeting and did not want her to hear it.  “Will you excuse me a minute, I really need to take this,” he said as he answered her call. “Jack, I need to talk with you,” she said after he answered. “I’m in a meeting right now.  Can I call you back later?” he expected her to say yes, but she did not. “No, I have just a short message for you and it will not require you to call me back.  I want you to stop sending the roses.  My house is full and overflowing.  It is no longer anything I am enjoying.  I know you may think this is a funny joke but I am serious.  So serious, that if I receive any more flowers, I’m filing harassment charges again you.  Do you understand me?” she was yelling by the time she finished her speech. He was speechless.  She was angry over a few flowers. “I’m surprised that you’re so angry over a few bouquets of roses,” he answered her anger with a little of his own. “A few bouquets?  There are more than 20 bouquets sitting all over my little cabin.  I have guests coming and am overwhelmed with what to do with all the flowers and my guests.  I am warning you, do not send any more flowers,” she stated loudly and hung up on him. He was shocked that she had hung up on him again before he had had a chance to get a word in edge wise.  He turned and looked at Clay who was staring at him with a silly grin on his face as he said, “Thought you didn’t mess with the fluffs anymore?  I believe you said one time “too much trouble and not enough sex”.  Wasn’t that what you said?” Clay repeated Jack’s statement with a laugh at the end. Jack just glared at his comment.  “I have just been threatened with harassment charges because of sending her a few flowers,” stated Jack angrily. “Just how many flowers are we talking about,” asked Clay becoming more interested in the love life of his friend. “Oh, uh, I don’t know.  I told the florist to keep sending them every day until I told her to stop.  I guess I forgot to tell her to stop,” he finished lamely. Clay went in to peals of laughter.  “No, wonder man, she is angry.  How long has this been going on?” Clay asked as he fought to control his hilarity. “Uh, since, uh, several weeks ago after July 4th,” he said in a lower voice. Clay laughed again. “You better fix it now or you may never see her again.” Jack looked at Clay and replied, “But what should I do now?” “You must think I know all there is to know about women.  But I have a secret for your ears only, NO BODY KNOWS!  It’s a big mystery that we fellows just have to search out and stumble around on our own until we get it right, or we keep screwing it up until we get it right,” Clay smiled. Jack had no answer to his friend’s clever quip. “I’m just not sure which way I should jump from here,” Jack remarked. “How long have you been sleeping with this gal?  How much time do you have invested in your relationship?  Maybe you just need to move on down the road and forget about it,” volunteered Clay with more of his words of wisdom. “You’ll be surprised to know that I have not slept with this woman.  She has rebuffed me and pushed me away at every turn, but I just keep going back.  There is something so special about her that I just cannot keep my hands off her.  She was recently widowed and has been dealing with all the stress and trauma from that.  She wants her space but I have a hard time giving it to her when I am in the same town as she.  So I came up here to try to allow her time to heal,” Jack said aloud, more to himself than to Clay. After a pause Clay said, “Well, that’s a lot more information then I needed.  All I can say to you is you have it pretty bad.  You are going to have to come up with a plan to win her over.  We know now that flowers are not the answer,” he finished laughingly. “Thanks, Clay, I can always count on you to help me out with my romance problems.  How’s your love life these days?” Clay just grimaced at the obvious slight.  “It’s wonderful.  Now, let’s get back to things we know something about like making money and leave the women problems at the door, OK?” Clay asked as he smiled at Jack with merriment in his eyes. They worked for several hours, going over the proposed drilling sites and expenditures of the buy in that Clay was offering. When they finally parted, Clay had gotten Jack to invest over 3 million dollars in his new field.  They both were pleased with the business arrangements and agreed to meet at 6 o’clock for an early dinner in the hotel’s dining room.  Clay was tired and needed some rest before tomorrow’s grueling day.  They shook hands and he left. Jack returned to his desk chair and turned back around to stare blankly out the window of his office.  He was trying to decide what he should do next to calm Linzie down.  He dialed the florist’s number now to cancel any more flower deliveries to her.  He laughed to himself thinking she had threatened him with harassment charges.  After he canceled the flowers, he remembered her saying she had guests coming.  Who was it?  He had a moment of jealousy prick him.  Before he knew it, he was calling Jan to find out everything that had been going on.  He waited for her to answer and planned to use the excuse that he was just checking in with her to see how their business arrangements were working out.  He knew what questions to ask to find out what he wanted to know.  After he hung up from talking with Jan, he had a relieved look on his face.  Her guests were her children and their families and all were coming within a two-week span of each other.  They were coming up now before school started.  He smiled thinking that should keep her busy for a while. He thought of his own three sons and realized that he had not spoken to any of them in a few days and decided to call them now.  He first called his eldest, Jack Lee III but everyone called him Trey, to check on him and his young family in Houston.  Trey and his wife, Tammy, had already made him a grandfather with twin boys almost a year ago.  He was still trying to get use to the idea of being a grandfather.  Man that sounded old! After visiting with him for a while, he called his second son, Jaxon, who was a twin to Trey, and in his final year of college at Texas Tech University in Lubbock.  He was majoring in archaeology.  He worked in “digs” during the summer in different parts of the country.  He had always had an interest in things of the past and this field was right up his alley. He wasn’t sure where he would find him but he hoped he was within cell range.  He was. His final call was to his youngest son, Richard, who was working during the summer in Denver while he attended the University there and lived in their family home.  After he had spoken with everyone, he felt better just knowing that they were happy and busy.  They had made plans to meet for Labor Day and would figure out where specifically as the time got closer.